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Blog Spotlight! Dear Amelie


This month we’re meeting Catarina, the girl behind Dear Amelie! This blog is very special to me, as it’s written by a fellow Portuguese lady, who happens to be one of my favourite people! Catarina’s blog is dedicated to her adorable cat, Amelie, and it’s where you can find everything from book and film reviews to anecdotes about life, love and annoying neighbours!

Tell us about yourself and what what your blog is about!

I am odd. That is how I, my Family and friends describe me. I am very odd.
I have a degree in Journalism, I am a dreamer, I love to write and I cannot stand still.
I moved to London when I was 21 years old, just as I finished my university degree, to somehow run away from an abusive relationship. Then, a year ago, I moved to Milan after falling in love with an Italian man.
Just like a normal human-being I have grown to have my own ideals, ideas and opinions, and that is what my blog is about – an expression of my ideals, my ideas and my opinions.

What inspired your blog? What do you hope readers get out of it?

A year ago I fell into a depression, and the only thing that held me was my cat, as strange and weird as it sounds. I felt alone: my best friend had just left to Wales, my boyfriend moved to Milan, and my sister was suffering through the start of an ugly divorce… Amélie, the cat, was the only physical presence around me, so I decided to write her letters, sharing my pain, my achievements while doing therapy, my hopes and dreams.
I know this all sounds really very sad and uninteresting, but it helped me grow and deal with the pain.
Nowadays, my blog has a much funnier and sarcastic tone – I write about music, funny moments I find myself in in Milan, cinema reviews, book reviews. I am planning to start a folder only for my cooking recipes.
I would like to share the good, the bad and the stupid moments of my life with the world, but not in a kind of big brother/very nasty way.

Describe your writing haven!

A cabin… A non-haunted cabin, in the middle of a town with no serial-killers.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start blogging?

Don’t overthink it. Don’t be afraid to pay for a good blogging software. Be honest with yourself – I MEAN IT! Be honest with yourself. If writing is your passion, don’t let the “what do my viewers/readers want to read”, “easy money” idea drive you away from your goal of sharing your passion.

What do you do when you’re not blogging?

Lately I have been doing a lot, but not blogging… Life, moving and no internet got in the way.
I am odd… I am a 26 year old odd woman who loves to play Sims 4.
I read, I study and I read, I study and I write, or at least I try. I am trying hard (but not enough) to start and finish a romance… It will be out by the end of the decade…

What is your favourite book by your favourite author?

Anything by Kathy Reichs. I mean, any book by her. I also love Patricia Cornwell.

If your life had a soundtrack, which songs would be on it?

Everything from Backstreet Boys, to a little bit of Adele. Every time there’s a hint of suspense, like after a job interview, Muse and Placebo would play. In the darkest moments of my life, like complaining how shitty my life is, Beethoven would start. In the happiest moments, like kissing and holding my cat (and going on holidays far far far away) I would probably hit the play button and anything by the Weekend and Bruno Mars, and even a little bit of Justin Bieber would sound. When I am really about to kill someone, I usually play Die Die My Darling, by Metallica. If I want to sing in the shower, I sing Phantom of The Opera, original soundtrack. If I feel like I am about to hit the jackpot (which never happened, but the feeling is somehow always there) I play Queen, any Queen song will do.

In a zombie apocalypse which literary character would you want to team up with?

I hate zombies… I really really hate zombies. But I can answer if you allow me to change the rules of the questions… Can I add shows and films?
I would team up with Voldemort (HP), Angel (Buffy) – which is based on an actual book, I am not cheating. Grissom (CSI) – pretty certain there is a book of some sorts with the character (does the script count?), Hodgins (Bones) – the book which the series is based on does not speak of a Hodgins, but he is awesome, and I love him nonetheless. Reasons: Voldemort is awesome, he just kills… which would help a bit, since he would kill the zombies and all… Angel – he is hot, who cares about reasons… He is the REASON! Grissom – I have always had a weird crush on him… He is crazy smart and he is a human, which helps, a bit… and Hodgins, because he is rich, and I need a rich guy to help pay for the arms we will be using to kill the zombies. And yes, I chose men because women gossip too much!

If you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

‘Bifinhos com cogumelos’, ‘almondegas à mamã’ and sword-fish with lettuce salad.

Dear Amelie in three words:

Cute, funny, odd!

To find out more about Catarina (and beg her for those yummy recipes, like I’m about to) visit!

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