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Books & Jewellery

“A Million Junes” Bookstagram‘s challenge for today is books and jewellery, which gives me the perfect excuse to show off my new engagement ring! Isn’t it preeeety??😍

The book in question is Genevieve Antoine Dariaux’s A Guide to Elegance, which I love browsing through every now and again. First published in 1974, Elegance is a classic style bible for timeless chic, grace, and poise… From Accessories, through Gestures, Make-Up, and Sex, to Teenagers and Zippers.

Here is an excerpt from the Rings entry pictured:

A diamond ring is the only form of diamond jewellery that can be correctly worn before lunchtime. A solitaire ring of a stone other than diamonds is somewhat risky. The truth is that an enormous topaz or aquamarine is never supremely elegant. It is unwise to wear more than a single ring on each hand (with your wedding and engagement rings counting as one.)

Some of Mme Dariaux’s advice is now a little dated, such as “The most appropriate outfit or luncheon is a suit of wool, dull silk or linen”, but I find that, with a little thought, every piece of advice from this little book can be made relevant to today’s fashion. Elegance is, after all, timeless.

And in case you were wondering, it is perfectly acceptable to wear your pearls to a luncheon.




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