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Tania’s June TBR  

So here’s my TBR for this month!

Lately, I’ve been focusing on finishing my ‘pile’ of TBR e-arcs, and my actual pile of TBRs has been fairly neglected… And also growing.

Me: I’m not buying anymore books for a few months, my shelves are literally collapsing. 

Also me: *buys 11 books in one transaction.* 

Not even exaggerating, I really did buy 11 books in one transaction.

Anyway! I’m trying to create a balanced, realistic TBR list for every month. I was over confident for my May TBR, and ended up reading about a third (I keep forgetting I have adulting to do).

So… In June, I’m hoping to read:

The Girl in the Glass Tower by Elizabeth Fremantle (earc) *read!*

The One by John Marrs (earc) *read!*

Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh (new TBR) *Read!*

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North (‘old’ TBR) *DNF*

I’m also going to try and finish my Great Buffy & Angel Rewatch of 2017 so I can get started on those lush comics! I’ve just started Angel season 5, which is probably going to be slow going, as I never really enjoyed the Angel series that much. I love Angel… but his show is kinda boring.  At least Cordelia is gone, and Spike has joined the party!

What will you be reading This month?

2 thoughts on “Tania’s June TBR  ”

  1. I am not sure about the reading… but I know my answer about the Angel series.
    I liked the first and second season, as soon as the plot started thickening I got tired, and stopped watching all of the sudden.
    On the same topic, I started catching up with Bones, as soon as the show was canceled, and I am currently watching Season 9, but can’t dare to watch the first episode of that season, it is just too much for me.


    1. I’m kinda the opposite! I’m not a fan of the serialized, ‘case of the week’ format, so I’ve never watched Bones… And it’s probably why I don’t enjoy Angel that much. Angel is VERY ‘monster of the week’. I guess Buffy also had a that going on, but it wasn’t so in your face as with Angel. Buffy’s overarching plots always seemed to be a lot more integrated into the B plots, developing over the course of the season. Angel’s ‘Big Bad’ only ever shows up at the end, and the whole season just feels like filler to me…


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