Tania’s June TBR  

So here’s my TBR for this month!

Lately, I’ve been focusing on finishing my ‘pile’ of TBR e-arcs, and my actual pile of TBRs has been fairly neglected… And also growing.

Me: I’m not buying anymore books for a few months, my shelves are literally collapsing. 

Also me: *buys 11 books in one transaction.* 

Not even exaggerating, I really did buy 11 books in one transaction.

Anyway! I’m trying to create a balanced, realistic TBR list for every month. I was over confident for my May TBR, and ended up reading about a third (I keep forgetting I have adulting to do).

So… In June, I’m hoping to read:

The Girl in the Glass Tower by Elizabeth Fremantle (earc) *read*

The One by John Marrs (earc) *read!*

Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh (new TBR)

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North (‘old’ TBR)

I’m also going to try and finish my Great Buffy & Angel Rewatch of 2017 so I can get started on those lush comics! I’ve just started Angel season 5, which is probably going to be slow going, as I never really enjoyed the Angel series that much. I love Angel… but his show is kinda boring.  At least Cordelia is gone, and Spike has joined the party!

What will you be reading This month?

2 thoughts on “Tania’s June TBR  

  1. I am not sure about the reading… but I know my answer about the Angel series.
    I liked the first and second season, as soon as the plot started thickening I got tired, and stopped watching all of the sudden.
    On the same topic, I started catching up with Bones, as soon as the show was canceled, and I am currently watching Season 9, but can’t dare to watch the first episode of that season, it is just too much for me.


    1. I’m kinda the opposite! I’m not a fan of the serialized, ‘case of the week’ format, so I’ve never watched Bones… And it’s probably why I don’t enjoy Angel that much. Angel is VERY ‘monster of the week’. I guess Buffy also had a that going on, but it wasn’t so in your face as with Angel. Buffy’s overarching plots always seemed to be a lot more integrated into the B plots, developing over the course of the season. Angel’s ‘Big Bad’ only ever shows up at the end, and the whole season just feels like filler to me…


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